Our list of Coffee Drinks

Drink Description
Espresso The standard, an esspresso shot from finest selection of beans.
Macchiato Espresso with a top of two spoons of milk foam.
Con Panna Espresso toppped with whipped cream.
Cappuccino The orignail, esspresso with foamed milk.
Latte The cousin of Cappuccino.
Caramelccino A Cappuccino with Caramel Sauce.
Mocha The Classic, an esspresso shot with chocolate suace then filled with milk.
Mocaramel Mocha with Caramel
Americano The long cup of Esspresso.
American Coffee The filter dripped coffee.
Turkish The famous Turkish Coffee.
Frensh Coffee Coffee done in the frensh press way.

Our list of Hot Drinks

Drink Description
Hot Chocolate The famous but the real one
Chocoly Chocola Our special, Chocolate with twist of Coffee taste.
Chocoly Toffa Our second special, Chocolate with Toffee twist.
Toffeeno A whole Toffee taste.
Nirvana Latte The famous Nirvana in a Latte way.
Adani Latte Adani tea in a different class of taste.
Milk with Ginger Straight forward.
Choco Caramel  
Coffee Latte  
Caramel Latte  
Hazelnut Latte  

Our list of Cold Drinks

Drink Description
Frappa Mocha  
Frappa Toffee  
Ice Nirvana  
Lemo Nanah  
Icea Coffee  

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